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Single needle lockstich machines

Jack F4 Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Power Saving Lockstitch.

Entry level Direct Driven single needle straight, lockstitch sewing machine. Featuring a panel that can control the speed of motor while running at minimal noise vibrations. The machine comes standard with a table, stand, wheels and led light.



Power Saving with Trimmer

Single needle straight, lockstitch sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer (cuts the thread instead of using a nipper), needle positioning and speed control. This machine is ideal for sewing medium to light heavy weight materials.The A2 is Equipped with an Direct Drive energy-saving motor, that’s mounted in the head of the machine ,this guarantees lower electrical consumption including less noise/ sound vibrations The machine comes standard with a table, stand, wheels and led light



High Precision Lockstitch Machine.

The Jack A4E is a computerized single needle straight, lockstitch sewing machine with an electronically controlled stitch length and back-tack functions. The machines focus is on the tacking of the stitch, allowing for a professional finish for high end garments , the machine comes with a smart panel to programme different straight stitch patterns. The machine comes standard with a table, stand, wheels and led light



Semi Dry Automotive Lockstitch.

The Jack JKA5-W is the latest computerized single needle straight lockstitch machine equipped with an integrated, energy-saving Direct Drive motor mounted in the machine head directly on the main shaft. Easy operating panel with Auto thread trimming, auto bartacking and presser foot lifter. Machines focus is auto bartacking prior to stitching to avoid loose stitch and thread pulling.

JK 5559G

JK 5559G

Computerized with Trimming Edge.

The 5559g – edge trimmer is a 1-needle, bottom feed, computerized lockstitch sewing machine with edge trimmer, automatic functions and energy-saving motor built into the head (Direct drive).


JK 58450

Double Needle Lockstitch Machine.

One of the most advanced and affordable straight stitch, double needle sewing machines on the market, comes standard with integrated adjustable LED lighting, a half/full stitch button and a reverse button that can be used instead of the reverse lever. The presser foot can be raised by hand or automatically by foot pedal. On top of the machine is an integrated bobbin winder, allowingyou to wind bobbins while continuously sewing.


JK 8558G-WZ

Chain Stitch Series.

Computerized, Direct Drive, Semi-Dry, Parallel Double Needle Chain stitch Machine, fitted with folder



Heavy Duty Lockstitch Machine.

The JK-H2 is a heavy duty top and bottom feeding single needle lock stitch machine. It is used for sewing thicker materials (e.g. leather, curtains, car trimming, jeans, tents, bouncing castles and rubber)



Heavy Duty Lockstitch Machine.

Single -needle automatic lockstitch machine designed for sewing thicker materials, it’s a bottom teeth and upper rolling foot. The machine is equipped with an energy-saving motor built directly into the machine head (Direct Drive system). This solution guarantees quiet operation and low electricity consumption. Thread trimming, needle positioning, auto presser foot and auto bartacking

JK 2002G

Single Needle Lockstitch Machine.

Heavy Duty Large gauge lockstich machine. This product is suitable for sewing tents, automotive products,home textiles, woolen sweaters, slippers,non woven bags, hats and other sewn products, with large needle gauge, fast strong feeding ability.

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