Specialised Machines

Single needle specialised machines


JK T1377E

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

The JK-T1377E is a chain stitch (Direct Driven) button attaching machine. Standard with automatic trimming and presser foot lifting. Stitch shape (for buttons with 4 holes) can be changed over between parallel or “cross”, without replacing the cams.

JK T781/ JK-T783E-Q

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

Is driven by built-in servo motor, with features like automatic presser foot lifter and thread trimmer. Machine designed to sew button holes on dress shirts, blouses, work wear and ladies wear.

JK T1790B

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

The JK-T1790B computerized, direct drive, automatic, buttonhole machine is one of the most advanced machines of its kind. This machine is completely automatic, no gears to change, no levers to set, no tensioner to adjust. All of the JK-T1790B's parameters can be set via the touch screen panel greatly increasing operator efficiency.


JK T1906GS

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

Pattern Sewing Machine, X+Y axis’s 50x60 The machines purpose is to barrack, pattern stitch and to box and cross. Used for sewing webbing, bags, labels, and rope. Easy touch-screen panel.


JK 8009VC

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

Elasticating and multi needle machine series consists of various models such as the 4-Needles, 8- Needles and 12-Needles needle machines. These machines are usually used to attach elastic to garments such as rugby shorts. It can also be adapted to create shirt fronts or stitch curtain tape into curtains and many other applications.

JK T1310

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

The JK-T1310 is a large format programmable pattern sewing machine capable of sewing patterns up to 130mm x 100mm across a wide variety of materials. With the largest sewing area in its class, the JK-T1310 can extend the sewing range beyond what the competitors offer,


JK T1900G

Single Needle Specialised Machine.

Bartacking and Lockstitch button sewing

JK S5 Sewing Machine


Single Needle Specialised Machine.

Automatic Drive Roller Post Bed Sewing Machine for Top and Bottom Feeding, either single or double needle. Used for Bags hats wallets riding shoes or leather shoes.


Single Needle Specialised Machine.

High ply automatic cutting machine


Single Needle Specialised Machine.

Automatic Spreading Machine

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