Overlocker Machines

Single needle overlocker machines


JK ES 3/4/5

Light/Heavy Adjustable Overlocker.

Light and Heavy Adjustable Overlocker machine. High performance 3-4-5 thread direct driven over-locker machine ideal for hemming 2 pieces of fabric together without any fraying. This model allows for 3 different progressions of stitching, by simply moving a leaver without having to change any parts on the machine. Light “Mesh “, medium “Knitting” and heavy “denim” weight materials.


JK C4/5

Full Automatic Overlocker Machine.

Is an integrated computerized overlock sewing machine either with 4/5 threads, has unique features, voice guide, one shaft and 1 reset button, The C4 is equipped with automatic sensor, foot lifter and automatic trimming at 5mm



Cylinder Bed Overlocker Machine.

Small Cylinder Bed with Variable Top and Bottom Feed.

Jack E3 Overlocker

JK E3/4/5

Power Saving Overlocker Machine.

The Jack E4 series overlock sewing machine is designed to provide fast, smooth, vibration-free sewing at any speed. The E4 is a completely sealed unit with closed circuit oiling and oil proof needle bar to eliminate costly oil stains on fabrics. The coaxial shaft driven by the integrated direct drive motor produces less vibration and noise creating the perfect surging at any speed. The motor is capable of sewing lightweight to heavyweight fabrics.

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