We offer a rental service, where standard rental agreements need to be adhered to. These can be easily obtained through our friendly sales team. We have a selection of industrial sewing machines available for renting.

Rental periods are done on a monthly basis, each machine varies in price. There is a deposit required, which will be refunded upon return of machine in original condition. Any damages and missing items will be charged at full retail price. The renter is responsible for the purchase of threads, needles, binders, feet and any attachments required for machines.

Before delivery we set up the machine according to your specifications, to avoid any grievances. A delivery fee will be included, please note each area varies in price. If a machine is to break down, we will send out a technician to assess, either the head will be replaced or machine will be services at no extra cost. As we stock all consumable parts and our technicians are highly skilled, we will find a solution to the problem on hand.


Square Deal have at their disposal a complete service and parts department, offering a large selection of (brother/ Juki/ Jack/ Pegasus/ Suruba / Yamato/ Yamata) parts available for the most commonly used machines.

We specialise in repairs (both in-house and call-outs) of industrial sewing machines, domestic machines, irons, boilers and embroidery machines.

Square Deal Sewing Machines supply and service high-end industrial Embroidery and Sewing Machines. Having the support of Feiyue, a major manufacturer from China has also given us tremendous research capability and insight into the constant changes of the sewing machine market.


Square Deal Sewing Machines supply and service high end industrial Embroidery machines. Having the support of Feiyue and EMB a major manufacturer from China, we have gained tremendous research capability and insight into the constant changes of the embroidery machine market.

We have at our disposal a complete service and parts departments as well as a full staff of sales and service representatives at our offices in Cape Town. We offer a fast and reliable response and provide customer support every step of the way.

Embroidery exists all around us from corporate wear, sportswear, school uniforms, dance uniforms, bowling shirts, lunch bags, hats, jackets, aprons, dog collars, luggage, bags, promotional items and on and on and on.

Come and explore the world of embroidery with us. You’ll find some exquisite embroidery examples to give you ideas for expanding your own embroidery business into new markets. We have access to a variety of embroidery machines that cater for operations of all sizes.