Our Team



Name: Danielle Gottschalk – “Bobby” | Title: Director

  Bobby comes from an accounting background and has always had a passion for people. She’s been the driving force behind Square Deal Sewing Machines. She has built the company up over a period of time and endured the many rollercoaster rides that have been presented over the years. She is always looking for ways to reinvent the brand and grow the wellbeing of the company. She believes in the moral of the company that working in a harmonious environment only leads to higher productivity and efficiency. Bobby is a yoga teacher, if she is not at work she is either on her mat, at Karate or spending time with her family.

Name: Robert Matthee | Job Title: Technical Advisor

Robert attends to all technical aspects of the company. He has actively been involved in the clothing industry for over 35 years and worked in various well known factories, servicing industrial sewing machines, embroidery machines and allied equipment. His strengths lie in garment construction and engineering. He loves a challenge and will always find a solution to any technical problem that presents itself and his technical advice is always sound. Robert has been part of the company for 12 years and he thoroughly enjoys motor car racing.

Name : Eric Tom | Job Title: Assembler
Eric assembles all industrial sewing machines, he is able to sew off most entry level machines. Eric assists with deliveries and collections, he joined the company over 6 years ago and has not looked back since. Eric enjoys having fun, relaxing and he loves watching and playing soccer.  

Name: Ethan Parish | Job Title: Assembler

Ethan is our new addition to the family, Ethan assists in the workshop teaching how to assemble machines. He also assists the drivers on the road with collection and deliveries. Ethan enjoys gaming.

Name : Joe Bhobhile |  Job Title: Assembler
Joe has been with the company the longest and worked closely with Bobby over the years, he is in charge of assembling machines, sewing off most rental’s stock and prepping the more advanced machines. Joe is the glue that holds the assembly workshop together, assisting with deliveries, collections, stock taking and maintenance. Joe is an avid Church goer and enjoys playing soccer.
 Name: John Parish | Job Title: Technician
John is an all-rounder, he is an electrician by trade and our in-house mechanic, John's expertise lie in domestic and embroidery machines, where he provides training to our clients focusing on digitising software. John’s forte is cutting and ironing equipment, every task that John takes on he does with a smile, never leaving anything undone, John is known for going out of his way to please. John has been with the company for 9 years, and he has been growing on all levels ever since, in his spare time he enjoys lifting weights and frequenting the gym.
Name: Kim George | Job Title: Admin and Marketing

Kim is responsible for invoicing and day-to-day over the counter sales, she liaises with customers in person, via e-mail and over the phone. Kim is also responsible for the ordering of spare parts from various overseas suppliers. A big focus of hers is the marketing of the company, this includes brand awareness and events. Kim has been part of the Square Deal family for over 10 years, which in itself makes her an integral part of the system. Kim enjoys swimming and spending time with her immediate family and friends. When a quiet moment arises she enjoys the time reading.

Name: Monica Kortje | Job Title: Debtors Clerk

Monica works in the accounting department as a debtors clerk . She also carries out routine bookkeeping duties. Monica is involved with ITC and reference checking on clients, receipting and reconciliation of the age analysis for customers. She also enjoys assisting in any field when necessary. Monica has a strong outgoing personality and relates well with many different people. She believes in loyalty and trustworthiness. She has over 30 years of experience in the accounting industry and has been part of the Square deal family for 8 years. Monica loves needlework and socialising with people from all walks of life.  
Name: Sedick Davids | Job Title: Driver.
Sedick is responsible for deliveries and collections of all sewing machines, spare parts and allied equipment to and from customers. He assists wherever possible and transports our machines to clients. Sedick belongs to a dart club and loves the beach.  
Name: Sophie Basson | Job Title: Tea Lady
Sophie is Square Deal’s official tea lady, making tea and coffee for staff and visitors. She is responsible for the upkeep of the premises, she enjoys running errands, and assisting with the preparing of statements. Sophie has 11 years of service at Square Deal. Sophie enjoys socialising with friends and family. 



Name: Ursula Titus | Job Title: Sales & Marketing

Ursula has 23 years of experience in the sewing machine industry, her main focus being Durkopp. She joined the Square Deal team 5 years ago. Ursula works closely with Bobby determining the sales strategies for the spares department. She creates sales targets and networks business relations to clients. Ursula observes the market identity trend and monitors main competitors, she attains her goals in an effective and efficient manner, keeping customers up-to-date with new products and technologies. Urusla is an honest caring hardworking highly motivated individual who is ambitious and full of life, she is passionate about watching horror movies and motorcycle rallies.