1. If I order online how long will delivery take?

Depending on your area, if within 75km radius will take 2 days, if further 5-7 days.

 2. Do you have a store where I can test the machines?

We always suggest testing the machine you require, we have machines set up for testing on our showroom floor and you are welcome at any time to pop in and test the machines. Welcome Park 190 Voortrekker Road Maitland. 

3. Can you use a plain machine for upholstery?

No as upholstery is a heavier fabric, a walking foot is suggested.

4. Can I order online and collect?

With pleasure provided you collect during/ within office hours.

5. Do you sell new and second hand machines?

We sell only new machines at times we might have second hand machines available depending on circumstance. Our focus is new and renting machines.

6. Do you sell domestic machines?

Yes we only sell domestic plain sewers.

7. Do machines come complete with table stand and motor?

Yes, all machines are quoted table stand and motor complete.

 8. Do you sell both machines suitable for both single and three phase?

Yes we have motors that are 220 voltage and 380 voltage.

 9. Do you rent out embroidery machines and cutting machines?

Unfortunately not, we only sell these items as new.

 10. Do you sell cotton?


11. Do you deliver and install machines?

Yes we deliver machines, please call in or message for fee rate. Installation depending on the amount of machines purchased is free 2+, however if purchasing one machine training and installation are priced at a call out rate.

 12. How much is a call out fee?

We have two options one is in house quoted at R250.00 p/h

And call out fee within 75 radius is R450.00 p/h

 13. Do you offer service agreement contracts?

Yes we do, it’s suggested you make an appointment with us so we can discuss a suitable option that shall meet your exact requirements.

 14. What is your service guarantee?

Our machine is guaranteed for one year, this includes a 12 month warranty on all mechanical parts against proven manufactures defect from date of delivery. 12 month warranty parts and labour on all electronical components.

15. What is the lifespan of a motor?

Depending how often you use the machine, anything from 1-5 years provided your power is sufficient, and you do not run all there machines from one power supply.

16. What is the lifespan of an industrial sewing machine?

A machines life span should be nothing less than 8 years, and alternatively last a life time. Preventative maintenance is the key in sustaining the durability of the machine. A well ­maintained machine will likely run better and prevent annoying, time consuming, and costly problems later.

Keep your sewing machine covered when it's not in use. This will keep the dust away and you'll have less cleaning to do later. Cleaning your machine: Lint from thread and fabric accumulate on the interior parts of your machine. Clean this lint out after every project or after about eight hours of continuous sewing. Oil your machine periodically, if your machine requires it. For some machines you cannot access areas to oil because they have oil impregnated bearing. Oiling lubricates the moving parts of your machine and helps prevent rust. Some machines need to be oiled, some do not.

17. Do we offer training?

Yes we offer training.